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Mundus Collection 2018
The website you are looking at is a selection of articles produced by the Mundus Journalism students on the completion of the module "Analytical Journalism" taught by Flemming Tait Svith, Steffen Moestrup and Jesper Gaarskjær. The task was to investigate a complex, socially important issue from the angle previously ignored by the media, so the stories below are exclusive, thrilling and thought-provoking. The emphasis of the stories is on explaining the causes of various phenomena – from the fate of an individual to geopolitical processes. The Mundus Collection stands for highbrow long-form journalism requiring one`s attention and concernment. That is why the reader is invited to spend some time surfing among titles and descriptions of the articles and pick one or two, according to their mood and interests. As a person who has read all of them, I can promise an amazing intellectual experience! So, read, like, comment, share, and get acquainted with the authors of publications at the end of each material. These are 21 stories written by journalists from 15 different countries, after semester of intense training, and 2 weeks of hard work. Enjoy your time with Mundus Collection 2018!
Kostiantyn Yanchenko
Mundus Journalism Student (2017-2019)
Complier of Mundus Collection 2018
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